Game changers

The Game Changer committees are unique subset of committees working hard to bring reform and positive change to specific areas in our community. They will be focusing on improving relations and promoting justice and equity in each of their focus groups to bring an overall sense of unity into our community.

These are some of their goals

Economic & Health Development

  • Work to promote, protect, maintain, and sustain the health of African Americans

  • Advocate for equal health education access, care, and research for all Americans

  • Implement local efforts to promote the growth of business ownership

  • Increasing employment and job creation and encouraging business development and home ownership


  • Promote an educational program designed to give moral and ethical interpretation to the civil rights struggle

  • Interpret the work of the association to organized religious groups of all faiths

  • Enlist the support of such organized religious groups for membership fundraising and the struggle for equality and full civil rights and provide resource assistance for religious education

Criminal justice

  • Seek to eliminate harsh and unfair sentencing practices that are responsible for mass incarceration and racial disparities in the prison system

  • Support and seek to increase trust and public safety by advancing effective law enforcement practices

  • Elevate the voices of crime victim survivors

  • Eliminate the school to prison pipeline

political action

  • Seek to increase registration and voting

  • State and federal legislation designed to improve the educational political and economic status of minority groups

  • Seek the repeal of racially discriminatory legislation

  • Work to secure equal enforcement of the law


  • Provide networking and social opportunities for young adults in the local community

  • Encourage the participation of young adults in all activities and leadership within the branch.

  • Encourage transparency between peers and highlight the importance of the youth perspective

event management

  • Plan and manage events to bring the community together in the name of the cause

  • Organize opportunities to gather ample support for the NAACP

  • Seek out needs of the community and plan events accordingly


  • Work to eliminate discriminatory practices in public education

  • Study local educational conditions affecting minority groups

  • Investigate the public school system and school zoning

  • Familiarize ourselves with textbook materials that are racially inaccurate and derogatory