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  • Ohio Civil Rights Commission: Will be professional, competent and fair to their clients and all Ohio citizens as they educate the public and investigate claims of discrimination. It is their role to be a strong force in promoting positive human relations among our diverse Ohio population.

  • The Generation of Change: Grassroots orginazation promoting anti-racism for middle and high school students

  • The Community Alliance for Racial Justice: Licking County based organization that exists to be a voice for the people in our community through voter registration and civic engagement, promotes anti racism by hosting Community Conversations and seeking partnerships with local schools and organizations and advocate, educate, and celebrate to support the black community

  • The Freedom School of Licking County: Non-profit organization founded through the collaboration of Licking County residents who acknowledge that our nation and our communities are facing difficult political and economic challenges. They believe that education through civic participation at the local level is key to overcoming those challenges

  • Southwestern Ohio Legal Services: Southeastern Ohio Legal Services® (SEOLS) gives legal help without attorney fees to people with low income and limited savings and assets. They can also serve organizations of low-income people.

  • Justice for Julius

Learn about Julius’ life and what led to his wrongful conviction through Viola Davis' docu-series “The Last Defense.”

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Licking county naacp history


The Licking County NAACP chapter was thriving. Under the presidency of Ralph Franklin, the chapter worked hard to bring change to our community. Unfortunately, President Franklin passed away and due to lack of upkeep and organization the Licking County NAACP chapter 3210 B was disbanded.

In 2020, after the tragic murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Abury, and many other African Americans, a group of Licking County residents, worked together to try and reestablish the chapter. They felt that the community needed a presence more than ever and that by reestablishing the NAACP Unit 3210 B, our community could make a come back during these trying times.

Now led by President Bryanna Stigger, the Licking County NAACP is making a comeback to serve their community for the better. They are optimistic and hopeful that the reestablished chapter with bring ample opportunities to our county and will connect all peoples in our community as we work toward equity and unity.

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